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Now introducing your last pest control & maintenance comp​any 

   Designed with you in min​d!​

We handl​e it all; Our company does not nickle and dime valued customers, your service will include:

  • 1) Fertilizing 2) Insecticide 3) Fungicide 4) Mos​quitoe​s and Ants 5) Weed control, pre and post herbicides.

​All for one Price!!! < U Tried the ​rest NOW hire the Best!>

​We thank you for being a v​​alued Customer at:

J​&N​ Lawn ReEnforcement Pest Control

James and N​adege Owens CPO and Co- Op​erator

James Owens Jr. Application and Operational Mgr.

Office: 407 703-9735

Cell: 321-947-8582

Email: [email protected]​​

Business office

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What our customers are saying

My name is Deanna Morris

"I first met the owner of J&N Lawn ReEnforcement about six month ago, and He talked with me about my yard. At the time my yard was filled with some type of fungus killing my grass. He took the time to explain the process it was going to take to restore my yard and sure enough with time , I now have a healthy beautiful striving lawn and if may I add one more thing the slogan that they use, " You tried the rest hired the Best" that's just what I did. Thank you so much J&N Lawn ReEnforcement it was worth every penny!.

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

"Thank you so much J&N for turning my lawn around! I now can say my yard is the most outstanding yard in my neighborhood 

Thank you for your quality work.

I'm very pleased with my lawn."

Michelle Holmes

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